A good jazz jam is worth its weight in Real Books so here are some of my favourite jazz jams around London.

Jazz Jammin' at UCL - Tuesdays
This is the first jazz jam I went to, back in 2007 where I remember nervously blaring out C minor blues after 10 pints of Guinness. 

I must say the quality of music there has massively improved from generic blues to chord-change rich be-bop executed at break-neck speeds! 

It starts at 8pm, every Tuesday during term time. On the 3rd floor bar of the UCLU union (25 Gordon Street) 

Ronnie Scott's Jazz Jam - Wednesdays
This is every Wednesday in the upstairs bit of Ronnie Scott's. £5 - £10 to get in and the quality of musician is very high. 

The jam doesn't start in earnest until about 11pm - midnight as there's a house band (usually very good)

The jam itself is well run, kind of a free for all but with slightly more organisation than usual.

Little Bread Big Jam - Wednesday
A little too far afield for me to go often, but the times I have its been spectacular. Hands down it is the best run jazz jam in London

The house band plays for an hour then the floor is opened up for a jam, generally a good mix of talents and abilities there. However one time I went there was a tap dancer... I will allow you to draw your own conclusions. 

24/3/2011 01:27:14 am

Hello, I just wanted to inform you of a relative newcomer to the London Jazz Scene. The Eleanor Arms hosts monthly Jazz Jams on the first Sunday night of each month.

2/4/2011 03:25:52 am

Thanks frankie! I might try to swing by some time :)

18/6/2011 04:08:48 am

there are good jam sessions around i know with good players but not on a saturday night. Do you know any? It is like we have to hang around mon,tues,weds as you probably well know and get a 5/10 minute play which is fair enough but i suppose but i would like to play on a saturday night after the week as i work during the week and usually too shattered unless i can get lots of motivation to go. So i sit here in the local pub having a couple if pints rather than spend loads of money going to watch someone else play. I am in se11 but would be willing to get to somewhere near in london of course.

Cheers mate (having a bear at the moment in the local). I have to say i am actually going to see Keith Jarret with Jack dejonnette which i paid £30 so it should be worth the money i hope! Haha, lol

Gerry Kennally
20/11/2011 03:31:54 am

I run a jam on Thursdays at the William Blake pub in Old St. The band plays a set, starting about 8. Then there's a jam from about 9.30, finishing at 11.

7/3/2012 11:30:38 pm

thanks for the useful list !
We also run a Jazz/Fusion Jam on every Wednesday @ the Roadtrip Bar, Old street, would be great to see some of you down there !


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